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User interface of a phone app designed laying together


Shipped is an App based Transportation where the Users can track their product as well as get a verified Driver and a Truck so that the Customer is never Ever Worried about the items lost or the Genuinity of the driver and a Truck UI designed using Figma.

Inframantra logo in white with grey building


Inframantra is one of the best Real estate service Providers that deals with Top developers and in order to build its Social Presence it needed Brand Revamping and thus a new Versatile Logo.

Your RM logo in black and Ornage Backgroubd


Your RM is a Personal brand. Building a brand within itself is quite a challenge within itself. We make sure that the pain point of the Personal brand doesn't hinder the way and also gave a personal touch to it.

Aye Design

Being still and Statics are Boring sometimes.
have a look at this how the logo gets animated.
Motion Graphics 

My Blog Site Image

Case Study

There's more in every story likewise every story can't be told in one page, therefore do visit my Site to look and read more about my work.

design Table Background which is used for bg

You have an idea? New Product or A Website? let me Tackle every step of the process with you.

WOW ! Let's get Going.

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